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10 Yard Dumpster

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10 yard dumpster
I have been considering an idea for a business – opinions?

I talked to a wealthy friend of mine about ideas for business. He advised me to begin like he did – by dumpster diving and scouting yard sales. Very little cash output, choose only quality items, clean it up or mend it a little and sell it at your own yard sales. I have another friend who finds amazing things in the dumpsters – she has playhouses, riding toys, etc. for her children – they look new, but she got them out of the dumpster and just cleaned them up. So, whats the opinion on this? Is it too degrading? The first friend I mentioned now runs an entire swap meet, owns several homes, nice cars, etc. (It took him about 10 years, though, to get on his feet).
Also, I am not planning to quit my job for this. :-) Thanks for your input. BB.

He is giving you good advice. Only problem is that there are a lot of people out dumster diving no-a-days.

My now ex-wife and I worked up a good antique business, kind of that way. No dumpster diving, but tons of garage, yard, patio, moving, and estate sales. Sell it at yard sales, flea markets, and swap meets. You kind of get an idea of what is saleable and what is not, what is junk and what you might make a profit on.

At the end of 14 years we had our antique business in a 4,500 square foot store (rented of course) in the antique row where we lived.. We also sold other peoples stuff on consignment, which is a good way to make a couple of bucks. Even put in a deli, for the antique shoppers that came into the area.

Main thing about starting a business is to get into something that you like and enjoy, other wise it is just a job, that you don’t like and I think that we have all had at least one of those. Your own business isn’t a 9 to 5 job either, so if you like it you, the extra hours aren’t so bad.

Good luck on what ever you go for.


20 yard dumpster with dirt

Written by Dumpster Man

July 21st, 2006 at 11:46 pm