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10 yard dumpster
Bear Hunt………..?

My friends and i went to look for a bear and found one from 15 yards away jump out of a dumpster so if we want to see one should i go to the place where the dumpster with my 4 other friends and buy some steak and try to find him? Its in the Adirondacks Ny Were doing it next year again and we have a camp they have camps too we dont plan on getting close but on the last day at 2 am about 2 weeks ago our friend the volenteer firefighter fed the bear marshmellows she was in the lean to she had a chairbarricade and tossed the bear marshmellows from 10 feet away! What should i do go down with her her daughter a friend of ours and another friend or instead of the lean to the dumpster at the restaurant

Leave the bear alone!
If you feed the bear or bother it, one of you will end up hurt or dead.
A bear that gets used to people eventually ends up being a pest and will have to be moved or killed.
And it may attack you (or some little kid) when it thinks you may have food.
Please leave it alone.


Written by Dumpster Man

August 13th, 2005 at 11:58 pm