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this is really weird and kinda creepy. okay so i was hanging out with my dad. and all the sudden he turned into an alien type thing. he was outside and he came back in the house and me and my cousin waited for him by the doorway where he couldnt see us, so when he reached the doorway we hit him over the head with cast iron fry pans. after this he turned into a liquid. [like on the capri-sun commercials]. so, me and my cousin put him in a laundry basket and threw him in a dumpster. so i looked outside later and i seen him forming back into a human. then he looked at me through the window and i read his lips. he was saying “i’ll get you” and then i looked over at the door he was heading for, and it was unlocked. then i woke up. i was mad that i didnt see the ending, i didnt see if i locked the door in time or if he killed me. the thing is, i get along with my dad most of the time, and he doesnt hurt me or anything. any ideas? thanks! :]

i had the same dream no joke my dad died about 2 years later and my mu re married and the guys scares me so much, im afraid of him so i have trust issues. im not saygin ur dad will die im just saying i have had the same dream.

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