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Roll-Off Dumpster is Ideal for any Community Clean-up Project

Community clean-up projects can be very ideal especially during times of calamities. For example, during the time of Hurricane Katrina, a lot of construction materials were left idle after the event. People were so devastated that some of them just found themselves heading off to their nearest kin to start all over. The trauma of this calamity cannot be discounted. Thus, the government of New Orleans had to take care of the clean-up. This is one particular occasion that a roll-off dumpster was made a hero.  Wall debris, woods from the destroyed houses, all kinds of furniture that got wet and damp by the storm as well as bathroom fixtures are needed to be collected.

A friend of mine contacted me to check if I can lend them some of my roll-off dumpster. Even though business was going too well at that time, I can’t help but say yes if only to help in the major community clean up that has to be done. I agreed with all my heart going out to the people of New Orleans. It’s the least that I can do to be grateful for sparing me and my loved ones from such devastation.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I also sponsored a community clean-up project that needed some of my roll-off dumpster. Because of its sheer size, it is the most suited container for the kind of community project that I sponsored. It is a weekend clean-up of a nearby community that was badly hit by a storm. Although the scale is not in the same magnitude as Hurricane Katrina, the people living in the said community still needed some help. In a certain degree, some of the houses were torn down by the strong wind. The major streets were covered with mud and fallen debris. We had to park around five roll-off dumpster at a nearby fire station just to facilitate the clean-up.

After the activity, it felt so good to see the smiles on people’s faces. There were those who recognized me helping out in the clean out so they extended their thank you smile. I felt so proud about myself, being able to contribute in my own little way.

So, the next time that you will have a community clean-up program, don’t hesitate to call the nearest dumpsterrental company. They might give you a very good discount or even sponsor your event. After all, it is good P.R. for their company.

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