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All I wantd was an oil change! ’05 C230 Komprsr Sprt Sdan- dealr claimd I needed the brakes replacd@15,000?!?

I DON’T drive my car roughly or brake hard. I have 15k miles and the dealer claimed 10% life was left on the front brake pads. This same “claim” has occurred when I owned another vehicle. I figure it’s the easiest way for them to “play” on a consumer’s “safety emotions”.

So once the service mgr. informed me about the brakes, I told him that I would take my vehicle to a mechanic friend (so that he could truly verify the lifetime I had remaining on the pads). The rep agrees, but then calls back a bit later and said his mechanic “accidentally” replaced them anyway, already “threw my old pads in the dumpster” (uh-huh) and he would give me a “you pay for parts” discount = $145.

Has this happ’d to you? If so, which dealership? (Mine= Caliber Motors- Anaheim Hills, CA). What do you think?

you didnt authorize the work, call your attorney, then sue the auto repair shop for theft of your brake pads and what it will cost to replace them again.

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