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same bag or new bag, would you or would i have too?

a while back i was acting up for my parents and being a real spoiled brat, i wouldn’t tidy my room , even though they asked me loads and i got caught smoking at school and lied about it, any way mum warned me loads that she would throw away any toys or stuff left on my bedroom floor after the weekend, i didn’t listen so she held trash bag open and told me to put my teddy that was on the floor in the trash bag as a punishment, i knew i had been warned and deserved it but was shocked she really followed through, my question, is if you did it would YOU have thrown the toy in the trash or would you have made me do it? would i have to carry the bag to the dumpster also or would you do that bit? she then even emptied my baby brothers dirty diaper bin into the same trash bag, before taking out to the dumpster, would you have used a clean bag at least?

You’re what, in your teens? You should know better. You were warned, multiple times, that this was going to be the result of X behavior. Good for your mom for following through. Making you carry the bag is a good way at getting the point across that YOU made the decision to disobey rules and smoke and lie so it’s YOU that must suffer the consequences. That’s a tough one to learn but much better to learn it this way than learning it really hard from life with far-reaching consequences you can’t take back. The fact that she put a dirty diaper in there was probably just so you wouldn’t try to sneak the toy back out.

If it was me, as the mom, it would depend on the situation and the toy. Since it was a “minor” toy, meaning probably not a lot of money to buy it, the trash bag in the dumpster is a good option. But, if the behavior issue was big enough for me to threaten throwing away an expensive toy I would make them bring it to a local shelter or donation center and have them give it away there instead of dumping it in the trash. If I spend hard-earned money on something I wouldn’t want to just throw it away, I’d at least want someone to get some use out of it, but if I threatened it, I would have to follow through no matter how much it annoyed me to “throw money out the window.”

When I was a teen, I refused to clean my room, many a time. My parents finally got fed up and threatened to throw everything away. Wouldn’t you know, after months of them asking, I came home one day to find most of my junk gone, just enough clothes left to wear. As I proved I could keep my room clean, I got some of it back, but I don’t think I did get most of it back. Taught me to keep my room clean, that’s for sure.

Man makes AMAZING trash bag throw into dumpster. MUST WATCH

Written by Dumpster Man

October 14th, 2009 at 4:54 pm