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Can stuff that doesn’t actually BELONG in a dumpster, ruin a garbage truck?

I know I probably shouldn’t care too much, but I just went to throw out a bag of garbage in the dumpster at my apartment complex and the maintenance guy was throwing stuff that I don’t think belongs? The door to a dishwasher, oven coils, oven racks, carpet, a crockpot, some dishes. So, when the garbage guys come tomorrow to empty the dumpster what happens to the garbage truck? Nothing?

tHE ABOVE ANSWERS DON’T APPEAR TO BE WRITTEN BY ANYONE IN THE GARBAGE BUSINESS. In a dumpster, the items are fine. They are not going to be crushed. They will be taken directly to the landfill. However, putting car parts, steel parts causes extreme damage to a garbage truck. Garbage trucks pack the garbage using hydraulics and steel blades. When steel gets caught in these parts it causes very, very expensive damage . Everyone, please if you have a questionable item set it along side your garbage can. What might look like a small piece of steel causes literally thousands of dollars in damage. Breaking a hydraulic line alone costs hundreds of dollars plus the fluid leaks out which is bad for the environment. A new blade for packing is 2,000 dollars plus another $600 for the labor. Every 5 gallon size bucket of hydraulic fluid (OIL TYPE STUFF) is $90. Whenever a hose breaks you need to refill the system. That is on top of what normally gets used. Dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc should be taken to a scrap yard where the materials are taken apart and recycled. (for aluminum, steel, plastic, etc) Also, at the scrap yard hazardous fluids are removed and not put in the landfill.

Sofa beds are the worst as the steel frame is inside and can not be removed. They really need to make these things better so that the bed frame can be removed and recycled before the sofa is thrown away.

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Written by Dumpster Man

August 9th, 2009 at 6:43 am