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how do I get my company to recyle?

ok so I work for a shoe store and there are over 1000 locations. every monday my store alone gets anywhere between 20-70 cardboard boxes of freight with more cardboard shoe boxes inside of them. along with papers and things to go with each box. all of which can be recycled. however, the only thing the company pays for is a dumpster behind the building and we just throw it all away. I would really like to know if there is a way I can get them to start recycling and stop dumping so much garbage.

Encourage: at your store you could ask the boss/manager. May depend on the services that the local council provides to commercial businesses (is there a recycling service for commercial businesses?). Your boss/manager could advertise that all packaging is recycled. I know at a supermarket I worked in (Australia) that a recycling company would pay to pick up the carboard boxes that they recycled (check with local companies if you think you have enough produce to supply a company).

At a multiple store level you could write a letter to the corporate body and ask them to encourage all shop owners to recycle (they could use it as a promotional scheme … that is “we recycle!”)

Force: you could let it be known in your local community (or on the net, if attacking the whole chain) that they don’t recycle, and record how much is thrown out … sort of guilt trip them into cleaning up their act, or public pressure forcing their hand.

I would use the encouragement approach firstly though, as recycling is more likely to be effective if instituted within (and is seen as a positive) rather than something one is forced to do.

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