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Where can I buy a dumpster pool?

Have been reading about them online, but I don’t have the time ot make my own. Wondering if there is a company that does it for you and then sells and delivers and hooks it up for you.

Dumpster Pools are so Practical! Think about it… If you’re in most of the US you have a 6-8 week window of really good weather for using an outdoor pool. Rent a dumpster for 6-8 weeks! It is cheaper than you think (ask the experts at

Then, and here is the best part, throw a HUGE PARTY at the end of your rental and you can use the Dumpster to clean up before they take it back! :-)

Below are a series of links on Dumpster Pools. And if you mention this Yahoo Answer’s post I’ll give you $20 off your rental (ask for Josepf).

Trash Ranger, Newtown CT