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Help how can I have a dumpster removed from old property when gate is locked?

My fiance and I split up a month ago and when I moved out I left the dumpster for him to clean the house out because he was too moving. The house is in foreclosure and he has locked the gate to the property and the dumpster company can not remove the dumpster because of the lock, and I am paying the bill for service that is not being rendered! How do I go about removing the dumpster? He won’t respond to my emails or phone calls. People have told me to break the lock, but here is the thing, the neighbors have seen him stealing the A/C unit outside, dishwasher and fridge and I don’t want to take the fall for his doings if I break the lock I am sure he will blame it on me. So legally what can I do to get the dumpster removed????

If the house was in your name too then cut the locks….Take someone with you who can film [camcord] the entire event, including the dumpster company removing there property. Make sure the film shows the date and time and how you have not went into the house….

Call an attorney, most give first free consult you can get your answer there and they will know how to do this legally.

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