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dumpster cost
dumpster rental cost?

How much do those big truck sized dumpsters cost to rent? I need to clean out a house and I don’t know anything about the cost of those things or how long you have them for. I’m in Reading, PA so I’m not sure if that helps or if they cost more or less depending on you area? Also do you have to pay if you go to a landfill or something to drop stuff off instead taking things over in a car/truck? Also it’s not remodeling debris it’s just furniture and boxes of junk.

The price of the bin (they’re not dumpsters) varies based on the size of the bin and the materials going in the bin. Furniture and junk will cost less than drywall, for example. You generally get to keep it for a week, but it varies company to company. Simply call around and price them out.

And every city/state/province is different. Some landfills charge you to dump your stuff, others do not.

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April 11th, 2007 at 8:21 am