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Hiring illegals from home depot?

I inherited a house from my grandmother who passed away 1993, the yard is a complete mess! Weeds, over grown trees, dead grass, neighbors on both sides throw over their trash to pile up the trash, well I got a $300 notice in the mail from the city says I must clean out the trash, I rented a dumpster (the biggest one) me and my husband been working for over a week on this yard, its coming together but I have back problems, and muscle spasm’s, I don’t think I can do any more work, I want to hire the illegals at home depot cause I’m assuming they are hard workers but I’m scared if one should get hurt or claim to have gotten hurt they might sue, any advice? My husband says he heard that the illegals act like they were injured just to sue, is this true???

Any one working on your property, and gets hurt, can sue you for damages. This is fairly common with roofers, who fall off of the roof and end up in a hospital. The home owners insurance is used in cases like these. Any one working on a home owners property should furnish proof of insurance, and it should be checked to see if it is in force. We have a business in our city called Labor Ready, who will provide workers on a partial or full day basis. The workers are covered by the state’s Workers Compensation Bureau in case some one gets hurt at the jpob site.

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