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You already know there are way too many homes are on the market and the market price of the homes has been in decline. Builders have cut back but the inventory is still not going down. Life may have just thrown you a curve and you need to sell home quick or get a quick home sale. I will give you a few tips and then discuss a fast method to get this done. Imagine if you could get the house sold in the next 30 days. I am sure it would solve a lot of problems.

If you listed your house the traditional way with a realtor and are reading this article then you didn’t get it sold quickly. A quick home sale is not what most realtors are about. They list your home and wait for other realtors to find the buyer. It sits and sits and you go through all of the price reduction moves etc. and it still doesn’t sell.

You are sick and tired of this whole process and feel a little desperate now because for whatever reason life has dealt you a few blows where now a quick home sale is the only thing that is going to solve your problem. I know how you feel because I had to sell two homes in the last year. Now I am going to give you a few tips and then we are going to talk about a few secrets you need to know.

Tip: 1 – Sometimes the buyer is right under your nose but you don’t know it. I sold the first of my two houses in 1 day before the listing was to hit the market. I was in Home Depot and saw my neighbor who asked what I had been doing. Told him that I was fixing the house up for sale and needed to sell home quick. I told him he should buy it and he said he would be interested. First day it was done I called him and he came over and signed a contract that day. Be proactive and tell people you are selling.

Tip 2 – There are several things you can do to the house that don’t take much time. Clean it or have a cleaning crew come in to get the job done.

Tip 3- Get a dumpster and start pitching clutter out of the house or haul to the dump yourself. You will probably get rid of this stuff when you move anyway.

Tip 4 – Rent storage or get a POD or similar storage unit delivered to your house and put excess furniture or belongings into it in order to make your house look larger.

Now to sell home quick or get a quick home sale you have to do a couple more easy things. There is a method to get your home sold in 21 days or less with or without using a realtor. It is easy to do and cost very little to accomplish it. It will get you multiple offers on your home and if one of those suits you then you don’t even have to wait for the 21 day period to pass.

Read on thru the next paragraph and take action today to get your home sold in 21 days or less and have a quick home sale so you can move on with life.

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How many times are you going to say sell home quick or quick house sale before you quit making the classic home selling mistakes most of us make? I know these mistakes because I have made a bunch of them myself. Find out what they are and how to avoid them by going to right now before wasting another month with no offers on your house.

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