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Avoid Information Based Fraud and Corporate Espionage with Secure Mobile Document Shredding

Yes, your company can be held liable for any information that leaks out from your employee information records, payroll records, financial records, customer lists, supplier invoices, loan applications and approval, project proposals, contracts, research and development reports, marketing materials and even medical files. According to federal privacy laws, you are responsible even if such information was taken through the use of dumpster diving after you have disposed of your office trash. You need to keep your records secure and destroy them through secure mobile document shredding and information destruction services. Any document can be a source of data, so just shred it.

You may be surprised to know that in the United States, dumpster diving is legal. Any document or information media that is in the dumpster is considered fair game for anyone, including thieves whose intention is to use it for information based fraud, corporate espionage and identity theft. RecordShred, a secure document shredding and information destruction service, reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has declared information based fraud and identity theft as the fastest growing crimes in America. It seems that every 13 seconds, a case of identity theft happens in the United States. Of such thefts, the Better Business Bureau asserts that about 80% are done from improperly secured paper records. RecordShred cites the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) statement that US corporations are losing more than $45 billion dollars every year due to theft of trade secrets.

What many companies are not aware of is the fact that you can be held liable for the theft of any information from your safekeeping. Yes, that is even after you have disposed of the information in the trash. There are several privacy laws, including but not limited to Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Fair Credit Reporting, FERPA, GLB, FACTA and HIPAA, which require all companies to keep all information and data completely private and secure, and to dispose of them by completely destroying them in a properly secure manner. In fact, compliance needs to be backed up by a written verification of secure destruction with a witness. This has to be filed on record and be readily available for auditing purposes. Failure to comply can lead to liability that may amount to millions of dollars.

Any company has to have internal compliance procedures and a professional document shredding and information destruction service that is Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Fair Credit Reporting, FERPA, GLB, FACTA and HIPAA compliant. The service should be able to shred documents – even those that are bound with staples, binder clips or other binding materials. It should include medical files destruction and x-ray film destruction, and also destroy other information media including computer hard drives, disks, cds, dvds, tape, film and all manner of imaging.

A company like RecordShred can provide locked disposal bins of various sizes for all your documents and data media in the office. These are collected according to a certain schedule and destruction is done securely on site. Your company is then provided with a certificate of destruction complete with a witness to ensure your legal compliance with federal laws.

Getting professional services not only gets you the necessary certification requirements but also saves you a lot in costs. In fact, you save as much as 25% as compared to using in house office shredders. In house shredding will eat up precious time and effort from the core responsibilities of your staff; will mean equipment acquisition, maintenance, repair and replacement; and will not cover all types of information media.

Why not avoid information based fraud, corporate espionage and identity theft, as well as all types of liabilities associated with them, through the more convenient and cost-effective professional secure mobile document shredding services.

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