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Having Your Identity Stolen Despite Your Best Efforts

Most discussions of identity theft are done in the first person. By this, I mean the risk is always associated with what you and I are doing with our own information. We are warned that we should shred all our documentation once we are done with it. Hey, times have never been better in the shredding industry! We are also told how to use special software to protect our computers and so on. Despite all of this, we are all still at risk and most people don’t realize it. Let’s look at a couple classic examples.

Identity theft is a problem that has arose with the explosion in popularity of the web, right? Nope. It has simply created a new avenue for exploitation. Identity theft has been around for a long time and the original form involved the very sophisticated “dumpster dive”. As the name suggest, one would dive through dumpsters outside of locations that were ripe for throwing away sensitive information. When gold was struck, hundreds or thousands of identities would be swiped. This still goes on today with not a month passing where some business or government agency doesn’t report a problem.

Then there is laptop issue. I don’t know about you, but I pretty much treat my laptop like a baby. It is always with me! Despite this, there are some people that seem to randomly lose theirs or leave them in cars just begging to be stolen. Despite their apparent lack of intelligence, these people have somehow risen high enough in the job to have had a huge amount of sensitive personal information on said laptops. Doh!

There are many more ways that business, people and government agencies lose your data all the time. You can shred as many credit card statements as you like, but it is never going to be enough to stop this from happening. That is why your identity may be stolen one day despite your best efforts.

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