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Dumpster Diving

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dumpster diving
is dumpster diving a crime if you are olny looking for recyclables?

i want to dumpster dive. but i hear its illegal. but i heard its illegal because of identity theft. but if i went through the trash to look olny for plastics, metel, glass, and paper that will be shredded in a shredder. would i go to jail if i did this? i olny will do this to recycle. thats all.
in virginia
im doing this to earn money for charities and to help the envirement!


Dumpster diving is perfectly legal in most states. Be aware, however, that some states have deemed it illegal. There are many people and organizations that dumpster dive at department stores such as Wal-Mart, Office Depot and others and find great stuff that for some reason or another has been discarded. They then trade and discuss their finds.

Be aware that thieves also like to dumpster dive. There is a law office in my local area where client records were found, which included social security numbers and other personal information. Thieves will grab this stuff and use it to their advantage. My advice is to always shred.

Good luck in your recycling efforts. I am glad that you are doing this, whether it be to earn money or help better your environment.

dumpster dive

Written by Dumpster Man

April 24th, 2011 at 1:52 am