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Man Loses Lotto Ticket In Maryland Dumpster: Why Do Winners Wait?

I’ve never won the lottery, but I’m fairly certain I know exactly what I would do if I did, at least at first. The first thing I would do, once I stopped jumping up and down and thanking the Lord for the financial miracle, I would immediately go wherever I had to to cash that ticket and get my money.

But for whatever inexplicable reason, a lot of lottery winners don’t take this advice. A California man won $135 million on a lottery ticket he bought at a Liquor Store and Deli in Morro Bay…. then subsequently left town, waiting weeks to make his official winning claim.

There’s another story about a man in Texas who played a Scratch-off and won $50,000. She had one year to make an official claim, and for some inexplicable reason waited until the very last day her ticket was still eligible to do so.

And then there is the curious case of Dennis Keatley. A Glen Burnie resident and frequent player of the Maryland lottery, Keatley scratched off a ticket that won him $10,000. Yet for some unknown reason, Keatley decided not to immediately cash his winning lottery ticket and kept it in a DVD case on his living room counter.

Why someone would keep a ticket worth $10,000 in a DVD case out in the middle of their apartment is beyond me. And Keatley seemingly got what he deserved when he got back to his apartment one day and discovered the DVD case was gone.

Keatley scoured his apartment for any sign of the case or his $10,000 ticket, with no success. Desperate, he began to look through the Maryland dumpster located outside his building.

“As a last resort, I went to my apartment complex’s dumpster and searched every trash bag that looked like mine,” Keatley said. The man allegedly spent two Maryland dumpster diving search sessions, and found nothing. With Baltimore trash pickup occurring the next morning, it appeared momentarily, that the $10,000 ticket was lost and gone.

But hey, if there’s one characteristic all lottery ticket winners have, it’s that theyre lucky. The morning that Baltimore trash pickup was scheduled, two maintenance workers agreed to help Keatley search the Maryland dumpster, and just in the nick of time the DVD case (and $10,000 winning lottery ticket) was found.

“I was lucky that day,” Keatley said with a smile and giant check for $10,000 in his hands. “If (the maintenance workers) didn’t come back to help me, that would have been it, the ticket would have been gone forever.”

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Written by Dumpster Man

October 7th, 2008 at 2:57 pm