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Video shows distraction purse-snatching (local6)

Among a sea of shoppers in the Sam’s Club parking lot on Rinehart Road in
Sanford, a man and a woman were fishing for their prey.

Sanford Police say Reginald Hadley and Anecia Inman had carefully coordinated
their purse-snatching-plan to stalk an unsuspecting victim, and then steal a

Surveillance video from June 27 at the Sam’s Club shows a white Buick driving
from aisle to aisle, lingering near a retired couple, and then dropping off a
young woman. The woman sneaks over to the couple, hiding behind a tree, while
the man in the Buick pulls up to the couple and asks for directions.

Carol and Chuck Ianuzzi of Deltona tell Local 6 they were the couple in the
surveillance video targeted by the crooks.

“We didn’t notice, we were so busy doing our own thing, we weren’t paying
attention to what he was doing,” said Carol Ianuzzi. “He asked three or four
times the same question… then after the fourth try it was like oh yeah, and
he drives away, very quickly at that point.”

At that point, the woman had finished creeping into the Ianuzzi’s car and had
snatched the purse sitting on …


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