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Family guy references in a few sunny in Philadelphia episodes?

Has anyone noticed that in few episodes of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia they make references to things in family guy. For example in the episode the gang buys a boat dee dances like an inflatable tube man and family guy that do a gag about a guy trying to sell wacky waving inflatable tube men. There is another episode called the gang finds a dumpster baby and family guy did a song about a prom night dumpster baby.
So has anyone else noticed that. Is that just a crazy co incidents or did they do that on purpose.

I’ve seen both those shows, and those aren’t really references.

The inflatable tube man is used to promote deals at car dealerships. They’ve been used even before those two shows have been made. In Family Guy, they only make fun of it by making a weird ad about it. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia only makes fum of Dee’s dancing since it’s the same as the movement of an inflatable tube man.

Some babies actually get put in dumpsters due to neglectful parent. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia made an episode about it because of some of the stories about it in the news. Family Guy made fun of this because of teenage mothers that want to go to the prom although they can’t because they’re too busy so they try to get rid of the baby.

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Written by Dumpster Man

June 13th, 2008 at 10:13 am