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How to dispose of sofa?

I have a sofa and a loveseat that need to be thrown out. I have tried calling charities but most of them don’t offer pickups. I finally got an appointment with one of them but they didn’t take it because the back had a rip and there was a coffee stain. I considered calling 1800GOTJUNK but it costs $280!!!!! I can’t chuck it on the curb hoping that somone will take it because my neighborhood won’t allow that. Plus, I live near a school and I know the kids will destroy it and throw the pieces at the other houses/cars. What else can I do?

Call your local garbage company (the one you pay to pick up your regular household trash). Ask if they have suggestions and price.

Call City Hall. Does your city provide for any regular free household cleanup pickups? It’s not really free because I suspect we pay for it ourselves if not by higher rates certainly by higher city fees or taxes.

We’ve had dumpsters (price goes by cubic ft.) brought to the front of our house and parked for about a week — but that’s usually for when you have saved up LOTS of stuff such as a whole backyard or garage full, to dump.

You could borrow or rent a pickup truck and load the furniture on it and haul it to the dump yourself. Our garbage company charges based on how much the stuff we dump weighs. (The truck is first weighed fully loaded and then it’s weighed again after we have thrown the junk into the big pit.). We have done that, too.

Otherwise, look in your local advertiser or advertisements in the paper for other people who do clean ups or trash hauling. Ask for estimate. That’s what we plan to do next for the stuff we’ve collected. We’re getting too old to struggle with all that heavy & bulky stuff.

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