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Why California company PPL accept and benefit from bio-fuels ideas, while the rest of the country ….?

avoids any mention it? Profit is profit, last I heard. And the residue of free access that can be converted to clean fuel is how exploit it. There tons of waste used by 10,000 households, waste producers are so pleased that I'm wrong, it's a good thing the business world – but the business seems to avoid any consideration of things like fear or something. Is there anywhere or anyone interested in Texas in partnering up or do this kind of business? In my case, I mean "food waste" – can be converted into ethanol, methane and biodiesel or pure vegetable oil only.

Even many companies and would not have a lot of money invested in oil and invested in oil contracts (some ten + long-term contracts), what works oil, etc. .. As time passes and these are contracts and more money beat a dead horse. We also change our consumption habits.

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