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dumpster pricing

Dumpster Source provides competitive rental prices for our dumpsters

Factors Influencing Our Dumpster Rental Pricing:

  • We charge dumpsters by their yardage. It’s important to determine the size of the dumpster you require for your cleaning project. For small projects, a 10-yard dumpster rental most likely will suffice. Large construction projects may require a 30- or 40-cubic-yard dumpster.
  • Determining a time frame for the dumpster rental period is essential as we are going to fix the charge by the drop-off and collection date fixed in the rental agreement.
  • If your waste quantity exceeds the limit fixed in the agreement, you need to pay for the extra amount of trash, as we need to get extra containers for hauling away the remaining trash. The additional charge will be adjusted to the actual bill.
  • Dumpster Source specializes in dumpster rental services. In other words, we offer the best prices on our dumpsters as we exclusively provide dumpsters unlike big-box retailers. Big-box retailers outsource their dumpster rentals and take an additional fee for offering the service. All our dumpster rental services are provided by in-house staff and supported by in-house infrastructure.
  • Save money by booking directly through us. Online rental liaisons may charge a fee for arranging the transaction. Just call us and our customer service representative will be happy to help you to select the best services.

Guideline to Dumpster Rental Prices:



  • Contrary to the general perception, don’t buy any bigger than you actually need, as you will have to pay for the unused dumpster space. However, don’t buy a smaller size dumpster than what is needed either, as you have to order for extra containers and end up paying more than the estimated price.
  • If you have too much trash for a pickup but not enough for a 10 yard dumpster you’re still going to end up paying for full rental on the dumpster.
  • Talk to our customer service representative if you are not sure about the dumpster size that would be right for you project. In this way, you will get the right prices for your dumpster.
  • Our local dumpster rental services offer the most cost-effective solutions as when we travel five-hours from our office to deliver your dumpster, we naturally charge you more.


We understand the value of your money. Hence, our services give you maximum fulfilment against the money you are paying.

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