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How much should it cost to replace garage roof?

Husband wants to hire unemployed bozo friends to do it. Roof is about 650 s.f. Also needs to address putting in a couple of vents, what to do about the old gutters, dumpster rental, permit. What would be a reasonable ball park figure. He’s probably going to do this no matter what I say, would like some guidance though.
Well guys, thanks for trying, but after your comments, are you saying $1000 or so?
The garage is 26’x24′, old one will need to be torn off. Bozos expect to be paid as if they were legit, which they aren’t. So is 2 guys working 2 days reasonable, and 4 guys working one day? $10-15$ an hour? I think they are trying to rip off my husband who has an overly generous heart.

In most places roofing will cost you $100-150 per square (10 square feet) for standard tab shingles over 30 # felt. So you could expect to pay $6500 minimum for the roof.

OOPS!! I had my dunce hat on. GA Builder is right and my apologies to William B. Fortunately I don’t usually do that on estimates or I would have been out of business years ago!!