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Is it the tenants or the landlord’s responsibilty to pay for a dumpster?

I live in new york state and under our rental agreement the landlord will provide trash disposal. My husband and I have decided to terminate our lease and are moving out of state. We have a lot more stuff that we are throwing out, and the landlord is trying to make us pay for a dumpster which costs 350 dollars. He is saying that since there is so much garbage (which is neatly bagged up) that the sanitation department will not pick it up. Do we owe 300 dollars more for a dumpster, or is this his responsiblity?
their is not that much garbage, though, it wouldn’t even fill up a dumpster.
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Im in Australia and although our lease does say that regular trash disposal is provided, if we need more than they provide we must pay for it ourselves. So I think this may be the case for you too. How long untill you move out? Because if you still have a few weeks you could try and just load the bins really full every week (maybe sneak some into a neighbours if there is extra room at the end of the week) and try to get rid of it gradually. Hope it works out for you!