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why has america changed from an industrial nation to a service nation?

it hurts it’s economical base…..this is why………..when there is manufacturing/industrial work it’s owned by private owners………..they pay the govt 2 times (corporations)……..nowadays it’s schools and those police/fire/emt jobs sucking the country dry……….why have an overstaffed public sector that is draining the country dry………..and believe it or not, most of these teachers and police/fire/emts are as dumb as a box of rocks, like i wouldn’t hire them to clean a dumpster out of mcdonalds, that bad

Because it has followed a basic principal of economics — comparative advantage. Other nations have a comparative advantage in m any areas of manufacturing. The US has a comparative advantage in many service areas. The “overstaffed public sector” is simply a result of the fact that government does not permit competition in the public sector and both the unions and management effectively sit on the same side of the “bargaining table”. By definition this attracts the segment of the work force that is uninterested/unable to succeed through competition with others. It’s entirely possible that you wouldn’t hire them to clean a dumpster. You certainty wouldn’t give them a job for life as many government employees have.

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