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Town new Waste reduction program too expensive?

The town I live in just published a new rubbish and recycling fee per house hold ($138), and also, they annouced that effective July 1st, only official town bags will be picked up. The ‘special town bags’ go for $3.75 per 4 bags of 14Gallons. My question is: Is it legal to claim that the town will only pick up ‘town’ bags?
I think this is an extremely expensive trash removal service. What is my alternative? Can I go with my rabbish bags to the dumpster myself every week? I appreciate your inputs,
Thank you

Our town started doing this too a few years ago. Depending on how much trash you generate, it may be cost effective to rent a small dumpster or trash bin. We opted for the trash bin over paying per bag. Contact local waste removal companies in your area and price it.