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How do I get my roommate to take out the trash?

My roommate is usually pretty clean and does her chores around the house just everyone else. But the one thing she does not do is take out the trash. When the trash is full, she’ll pull out the trash and leave it right next to the door and never touch it again. Even though she walks pass the dumpster every morning to get to school. She expects someone else to take out the trash for her, even though we have confronted her about it. We are all girls and about the same size, so it’s not a question of strenght. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I had this same problem when I had a roommate. This is what I did;

First, I spoke to her about it, telling her I felt she was expecting me to always take out the trash, which was unfair. I also added that we needed to compromise on who does what around the house and taking out the trash is both of our responsibilities since we both are putting trash in the can. In the end, talking was not enough and she still continued to leave it up to me.

Second, I left her notes “please take out the trash” on the door. She ignored them.

Third, and last… this may be a bit aggressive but she finally got the picture. She had just made a chicken diner, filling the already half full garbage all the way up. The next morning I noticed she had tied the garbage bag closed, as if to give me a hint to take it out. Instead I took the full bag out of the can and put it in her room. When she came home, she mentioned that something was stinky and I said “maybe its the garbage?” She said “Oh no, I took that out” as she turned the corner and saw the garbage bag in her room.

Yes she was angry, mostly because she knew she was caught lying but also because now her room stunk of rotting chicken. I told her now she knows how I feel when she never takes the garbage out. It was one of the moments where she learned the hard way, but she did finally start taking the garbage out!

Good Luck!

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Written by Dumpster Man

October 26th, 2008 at 3:18 am