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HELP! How do i get my CAL KING MATTRESS & BOX SPRINGS to fit in dumpster? How do I CUT it to make it FIT?

Today is the LAST Day I have to clean out my storage unit. I am downsizing to a unit half the size and I don’t have room to store this massive California King Mattress + Box Springs. The Mattress & Box Springs Set was $4000 and was purchased a couple years ago. It was demolished by my old cat and is not healthy to sleep on.

I am doing all this by myself (Im a 22 yr old Female) and I am not handy so please if someone could give me some suggestions on how I could maybe CUT the mattress with a saw? and get it to fit in a dumpster? I know I can always drive out to the country tonight and DUMP it but it won’t fit in my truck bed.


Thank you so much for your time!

You usually do not put them INTO the dumpster.
You call the local pick up for SalArmy or such and ask them if they take matresses.
If the dumpster is truly your only option, then usually you stand it up against the side, so others can still use the dumpster. The pick up folks should just toss it onto the top for bin emptying on the say of pick up, but do check first.
If they say it must fit inside, then I suggest at least two tools for you to use, a razor knife, like a box cutter type tool, where the little blade slides in and out. Start on one side about the middle, and slowly cut through the layers like cutting a sandwich in half. When you come to the springs, you will want to cut the soft stuff around the springs, and then you need a Pliers known as Diagonal Cutters, these will allow you to nip any wires, or staples that are holding springs onto the frame, or tying the springs together.
One thing this will show you is if you really got what you paid for!
Lastly you might need a small hand saw, but probably nit, as the “boards” used to make box springs are pretty wimpy and you can usually step on them to break them.
I might ask though, if your cat made it unhealthy, why did you store it and pay the fees? why not dispose of it at the first?

Also, there is a nice new matress cover made that keeps liquids from getting to the matress. It is not rubber, but it does work really well. Ours came with our nice Sealy, and I cannot imagine NOT having it for the way it handles anything that could stain the matress.
Good luck

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