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dumpster sizes
How do I convert the volume of roofing material that I’m tearing off from a garage?

I’m tearing off the roof shingles of my garage. It’s 20×24, so it’s 480 sq ft., 53.5 sq. yd. Now I’d like to know what size dumpster to get to hold the tear-off materials. And the dumpsters come in cubic yards. But I don’t know how to figure the volume of the tear off.

The dumpster companies smallest size is 10 cubic yards, and that is what they say I need. But Bagster(tm) has a 3 cubic yard bag.

Not sure how to get the volume of the roof. It’s only a single layer of shingles.

Any help is appreciated.

1 yard =3 feet=36 inches. 55 square yards/3= 18 yards. If the roof was 1 foot deep the volume would be about 18 cubic yards, The problem with the numbers is you can not compress the scrap to it’s minimum volume. Get the 10 yard container so you know you have enough volume in the container to handle all of the scrap.
A single layer roof may leak, but it some locations, it may be overlay with another course of shingles and not impact fire codes or building codes.

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