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Eligible for Section 8??

Okay, I am only 14 and me and my mom want to move. We are renting a old beat down house. There is nice apartments down the street from us, and that is where we want to move. The only problem is that we dont think we will have enough money to pay the rent if we move. Right now, the rent at my house(dumpster ha ha) is $450. My mom is a single mother and she doesnt drive and she works at Wendy’s. So yeah we dont have a lot of money. The child support is 400 dollars and that is what we use to pay the rent with. So I looked up Section 8 on the internet to see if we were eligible…but I have no clue what those websites were saying. It was all too much…can someone make it simpler. If you are wondering why I am the one looking this up its because my mom doesnt put her hopes up very high like me. Well…please help me and my mom!

Try this website. Search for your state at the top left corner.