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How much is a job like this worth?

Yesterday I worked at my neighbor’s house for about 7 hours. I Put in a pond frame that is about 4 feet long by 2 feed wide by 1 and a half feet tall, i painted 4 2 foot long wooden pond borders with wood sealant, and i cut out a 7 foot rosebush that overgrew through the years, and i also used a weedwacker to clear out the whole side of his house(15 feet by 8 feet), and filled up 4 trash cans with the mess of it all, i also got about 200 pounds of junk (old sement blocks, old wooden poles, metal gates, etc) and i put it in a pile so if he wants to rent a dumpster, he can throw it away or somebody can haul it to the junkyard………i am thirteen years old by the way……….how much do you think that is worth, how much would you pay me if you were him?

I would pay you by the hour. It sounds like you did a lot of heavy lifting and manual labor. I would pay you $8.00-$10.00 per hour, about 56-70 bucks. Next time you work for someone discuss payment before you start. Set an hourly wage. Like $8.00 per hour. Don’t be shy about this.
You are not being rude to make sure you will get paid. I had a friend in high school that worked for a lady we both knew, she worked for two days cleaning her house and garage. She didn’t discuss payment up front and the lady only offered her $15! wow. and that was for the entire job.