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garbage dumpster
Is it legal for an apartment complex to go through your garbage?

They went through the garbage that I threw in the dumpster, obviously read the mail inside the bag to identify the garbage as mine, and then left a note under my door complaining about its contents.

(if your wondering, they didn’t think I was doing a good enough job recycling).

Is this legal? I feel like my privacy has been invaded and I am not comfortable with this at all. Is this grounds to legally break my lease? I don’t feel comfortable living in a place that is invasive like this.


The moment you put anything in a dumpster you are relinquishing ownership of that property and anybody can do what they want to with it.

BTW – if the want to keep doing that find somebody with newborns and collect some dirty diapers to put in your trash.

Taking out the garbage and missing the dumpster.