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Garbage Dumpster

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garbage dumpster
Is there any way to stop the people from going through the garbage?

There is this old guy who goes through the dumpster at my building and he has a long stick with a nail attached and he goes through every garbage bag in the dumpster. I’m guessing he’s looking for pop cans and bottles. Actually I don’t really care what he’s looking for. I just don’t like it that this guy is going through everybody’s garbage. Is there anything that can be done about it?

i’m really annoyed of some random people that do the same by my house. first of all, why are they going through the garbage..2nd.. how much money are they guna make by collecting ppl’s garbage..and third it should be against the law because its invasion of privacy, people throw it out not for other people to look at it and to go through their stuff(Even though its garbage) but there should restriction on that because its just not right.. there were these guys that used to come by my house and go through the garbage make a huge mess and collect all the cans..