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garbage dumpster
Are garbage landfills protected from people who do identity theft?

I want to dump bout 10 boxes of old docs, –like bank stuff etc etc.. and i cant be bothered to shred it or pay to get it shred.

People talk about identify theft from dumpsters but what about from the garbage dump? Also

1. How often does identity theft via “dumpster divers” actually really happen???
2. Is garbage “safe” if you dump it directly at the garbage transfer station?

No, according to the Supreme Court, California v Greenwood, trash is public property. There are many people who go through trash including: freegans looking for stuff, corporate espionage, identity thieves, local media, disgruntled employees and the trash company.

Dumpster Garbage Vs.My system V.2 (2nd angle) 4 18’s 20000w