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Aaron Hernandez trial: Where’s murder weapon? (KSAT)

If prosecutors plan to argue former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was
the one who fired seven rounds into Odin Lloyd, they won’t able to show the
alleged murder weapon to make their case.

That’s because the .45-caliber gun used to kill Lloyd has never been found.

“That’s a hurdle,” attorney and sports analyst Michael McCann told CNN.

Prosecutors have charged Hernandez, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz with
first-degree murder, however, more than a year since the June 17, 2013,
homicide, prosecutors have yet to definitively say who was the alleged trigger

All three men have pleaded not guilty.

Despite extensive searches of Hernandez’s home, his apartment, his cars, an
uncle’s home, the crime scene, woods, dumpsters, and a lake in Hernandez’s
hometown of Bristol, Connecticut, what happened to the alleged murder weapon
remains a mystery.

“To be sure, someone can be convicted without a murder weapon,” McCann said.
“We know that. But it’s harder.”

Authorities said in court that they recovered five rounds from Lloyd’s body.
An autopsy revealed two more rounds went through his body. Those rounds were
later dug up from the soil in the industrial park where Lloyd was shot. A
shell casing was …


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