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How can I get a skateboard from a huge dump? EMERGENCY?

Well .. my father him to skate in the trash. I live in a warehouse buiding, and there are about five large garbage cans. I want to go, but it is too deep and probably responsible Wayy trash now. Garbage collection in my area is not so much next Monday, so I have some time .. I really need to get new shoes .. Thank you, it's an emergency. I have to do something, and fast! Smiling. Have you any idea how I could get a hold human garbage? All I know is that the collections on Monday, but I will not be at home. I be in school> _ <.

I would contact the maintenance of the building (janitor, caretaker), preferably in person … with education, (And briefly) explain what happened (he / she may not have much interest time.or) … I wonder if you know what it is trash is the most likely to … and if you have any pointers. Probably not the first time you asked … at least you are looking for something great! (Not as a ring or something:) Who knows? Can offer to help? (You can forget that … plan B. … ask the dump). Good luck girl!

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