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Large Dumpster

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large dumpster
can i throw a recliner in the dumpster?

I have an old recliner i want to get rid of. My apt complex does not have a spot for large garbage. You are not allowed to leave oversized things next to the dumpster. The recliner breaks apart into two pieces and could fit in the dumpster but i am afraid it is heavy and could cause a problem when the garbage truck empties the dumpster and this recliner thumps out into the truck.

You probably could unless there is some “rule” against doing that. Try craigslist first to see if anyone may want it. There is also a site called freecycle that you can post it on. There is a Yahoo group in almost every area of the country. Good luck.

Large Heavy Duty Dumpster Trailer

Written by Dumpster Man

June 21st, 2009 at 4:39 pm