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rent a dumpster cost

Rent a Dumpster: An Efficient Way to Get Rid Of Your Garbage

Are you one of those who are intimidated to rent a dumpster? Do you also have this thinking that it is an expensive way to get rid of your garbage? Well, I can’t blame you because we are not used to hire professionals because we are so used to doing things on our own. And we are mostly thinking about the expense of hiring a professional. We always assume that it will cost us an arm and a leg. But there are times when things can really get out of hand and we need to hire professional help. It’s a good thing that there is ample amount of information available over the net that will somehow shed some light on the issue of pricing. Let me share some of this information.

Several factors affect the price when you rent a dumpster. The size and type of the dumpster are two major considerations. It all depends on the capacity and the weight requirement of the garbage or waste for disposal. You also need to determine the lease duration and the type of garbage for disposal. All of these factors have to be carefully studied so that you can properly match your need to the type of dumpster you will require to rent.

It may also be wise to learn about the various types of dumpster to rent. If your need is to collect debris, then it is best to rent the roll-off type container, which looks like a metal box because of its open-top characteristic. The thing with this type of dumpster is that you will be the one to fill it with the garbage and the dumpster company will only come by to pick it up and haul it. The other type of dumpster is called a front-load container. This is ideal for collecting just your average type of garbage because of its smaller size and it has a lid to prevent flies and even other pesky bugs to hover around the garbage.

There are two main factors that affect rental cost: the size and the duration of your rental. The range runs from $100 to $1,000 for 3 to 4 days. However, if you will require a longer period of time, say about a year, it may run from $15 to $65 or more per month.

I really hope that the above facts have shed some lights on your apprehension to rent a dumpster. What is important is you evaluate your need and match your requirement with the type of dumpster that you will rent. This way you will not be over charged or miss out on the whole point of renting a dumpster because you cannot use what you rented.

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