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what to do about a room mate who…?

doesnt pay rent on time, and doesnot bring out the garbage
she has lived with me since sept. she hasnt paid oct or sept on time, and its almost novemeber. i know she will come up with some lame ass excuse to why she is late for nov. but she cannot be late or else i cannot pay the bills. i have spoken to her about this and left her many notes
the garbage. gahhh she empties it and leaves it in the hall for days untill i am forced to bring it out bc the smell is nauseating. i am so pissed and i have taped a note to the garbage door in sept saying “if the garbage is full please empty and bring down to dumpster with in the day. or else it gets smelly” it isnt rude, it makes sense. so what is her problem???? how do i deal with this i may lose my mind soon. she is from india…is this some custom i do not know abouttt????? pls help thanks

When she moved in I am quite sure she was aware when the rent was due and that she signed a lease and agreed upon a due date. You really need to press her about this or tell her you are going to find another roommate plain and simple. Tell her she can stay until you find someone new who WILL pay on time…it may just jerk her back to reality. It is her responsibility to pay her part of the bills.
She is a woman, and no matter what country she comes from filth is not acceptable. You shouldn’t have to leave notes or ask twice. She sounds like all around she just doesn’t care. I would just start looking for a new roommate if it is at all possible. Your home is supposed to be your temple and your shelter for safety and comfort….it sounds to me like she’s making you miserable. Discuss it politely but clearly and let her know either she pays her rent on time, starts to clean up or she’s out. Let her know you ARE NOT joking. I can guarantee she’ll get her act together. Good luck!!
Peace & Love :)

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Written by Dumpster Man

March 29th, 2011 at 10:15 pm