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Dumpster Direct – Customer Friendly Dumpster Rental Service

The advancement of technology has been both boon and bane to the world. Most of the people go by the misconception that any portal present online would be definitely interested in grabbing the money rather than providing service to the customer. It is not true always there are number of online portals like Dumpster direct whose objective is to provide quality service to the customer for the money paid.

One more factor that hinders the customer from choosing an online service is difficulty in the process of completing the deal however renowned the company is. The fleet of customers of Dumpster direct includes both commercial and residential subscribers and it is obvious that not all the residential customers are computer hoarders and they get scared to book a service online. Not a worry! Below instructions acts as guiding tool and make service booking process at Dumpster direct novoice customer pretty easy

After going through these guidelines you will come to know that booking an online service was never this easy earlier.

  • Triggering Dumpster direct on search engine will take you to the home page of Dumpster direct
  • The home page displayed on your window contains two blocks on the right hand side  enquiring about the type of service  required  after which a  pops up for asking zip code of your location where the service is being provided.
  • Up on selection type of service required, the window will take you to the next section enquiring type of waste that has to be disposed. The company  deals with any type of waste but majorly classified them into four categories namely  general waste, construction debris, green yard waste and recyclables.
  • After you are done with selection of the waste a new window displayed on browser enquiring about the size of the container with the service price of   the company displayed in each personalized block.
  • You can  go ahead placing the order just by clicking the schedule service button and entering the basic details required to process the order
  • If you are not  satisfied with the pricing of the company there is another button name your pricing which entitles you to enter your own quote to negotiate the terms with the
  • All this information will be passed on to our esteemed customer support team who will get in touch without carry the further process a head.

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