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residential dumpster
Composting: How bad does decomposing kitchen waste really smell?

I want to start a compost pile to get the material help enrich my clay soil. We’ve already had some leaves composting in a yard waste bag since November and we’re saving the ashes from our fire pit. My husband says, though, that we can’t put kitchen waste in the pile because it will smell bad…ok, how bad? Like a dumpster kind of smell?

We live in a residential area with small yards so if there really will be a smell issue, it will affect our neighbors too. I see his point; I would just like to know how offensive decaying fruit and vegetables can really be.

Don’t do it.

It is very odorous and your neighbors could have you fined by your city/town/borough (or whatever) if there is any disruption to them/ or the possibility of a health hazard.