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Roll Off Container

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roll off container
How to recover from embarrassing mistake?

I took my children to the park, took a chicken lunch.

The park was packed, the shelter area was packed except one table had a rolled up fast-food bag on the end, nobody there. I told my kids to just set up there. My son asked what to do with the “trash,” so without thinking I told him to just toss it in a container.

So we are enjoying our lunch and ten minutes later an angry woman came up and began yelling, asking where her lunch was. I admitted my mistake and told her it appeared to be trash. She continued screaming, then started saying, “that was a tuna sandwhich from ___. Do you know how good those are?” I apologized again and offered to let her share in our meal. She kept blowing me off and repeating the above statement over and over.

I said, “look, I’m very sorry. I have $3 on me, which I can give you, or I’d be happy to share our meal with you.”

She flipped me off in front of my young kids. I tried to fix the mistake…what else could I have done?

I think that you did everything you could to fix this situation. You apologized for your mistake, offered to pay for her lunch (as best you could), and offered to replace her lunch with your own food. It sounds as though you stayed calm and reasonable. It was extremely rude of her to scream at you and flip you off in front of young children. Assuming that you remained polite and genuine in your attempts to rectify the situation, I think your children probably learned an important lesson about how best to deal with situations like this from your good example. I don’t see anything else that you could have done.

Metro Paper Mack Granite Roll off Picking up a 55 yd container.