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What Makes Dumpster Garbage Different from a Roll-off Container?

Not a lot of people are aware of the differences between dumpster garbage and a roll-off container. Whenever they see a garbage container they automatically associate it with a dumpster. But what really are the differences between the two and why is it important to be aware of these differences.

A garbage bin that is mainly used in residences, industrial places like hospitals and restaurants as well as schools is a dumpster.  Dumpster garbage is used to stock-up pile of trash that is regularly taken away by local trash trucks. As I have mentioned above, this type of garbage container is placed in most public areas that are frequented by people; such as hospitals, schools, malls, public parks, offices and at times on the road for travelers to dump their trash. Another use of dumpster garbage is for dumping items for recycling such as plastics, bottles or papers.

Dumpsters come in various sizes. These can range from a small 10 yards, medium size of 15 yards, and the large scale of 20 yards. Each size can accommodate specific amount of trash. Perhaps the most common is the medium sized dumpster garbage because these are what you will most likely see in the establishments that I have mentioned earlier. For residential use, I will recommend evaluating first the amount of garbage to dispose and then only you can determine the suitable size to rent.

Roll-off containers, on the other hand, are rectangle in shape and are normally carried on the back of a truck. The truck transports the garbage to the landfill or its appropriate dumping site. It is open on top and has wheels, which makes it easy to roll to its right place. The common places where you see a roll-off container is either a construction site or a demolition site. Once the roll-off container is full, this is the time that the company who rents it out will come to haul it. Another major difference of a roll-off container is that it requires a permit. Because of its sheer size and the kind of garbage that may be dumped on it, a permit is necessary before placing it in a specific location.

It is important to know about the differences between dumpster garbage and a roll-off container because in the event that you may require the use of either of these, it will be easy for you to decide and choose which one is more appropriate for your need.

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