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welding job background check?

Im suppose to get this welding job welding trash dumpsters and roll-off trash bins what background checks would they be looking for.Why would they look into a background check for a welding shop.what can i do if this background check has something petty on there.Please can somebody answer this question.Because i need to support my family.that is all i want to know.

They’re looking for people that steal,hurt others,lie and in some case do drugs.

If you have something petty you need to be up front with them at the interview. If you lie about it dont plan on working there. Companies understand that workers in this line of work are not saints. If you got a dui or maybe stole something when you were a kid you should be up front with it and they will not care. If you did drugs not long ago and stopped you need to tell them what programs you got into when you stopped. I worked in a machine shop about half the people there had something petty on there background check. Most couldnt drive to work because of dui’s.