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roll off dumpsters
Are all these “welfare queens” that so many of you are concerned about real, or are they a figment of your?

I have been hearing this same thing for years. It used to be “Welfare Cadillacs, but now “Welfare Queens”.

I never really understood how a person collecting a welfare check could afford an expensive car and never saw this, but I suppose that some of them pulled this off by dumpster diving.

Welfare reform enacted under the Clinton Administration removed most of those who were able to work and not physically or mentally disabled from welfare rolls anyway.

But I guess it is still a good sounding slogan for many.

But these welfare loafers seem to be a figment of imagination, like so many of the fears of the right wing.

The BUS I take to school every day runs through one of the projects in my city. Every day I see countless examples of Welfare Queens.
I’ll take my camera tomorrow and snap you a few pics of the tower parking lot, the tower meant for the low income and disadvantaged. If there are less than twenty 30k+ cars in the parking lot I will admit you are the chosen one. Seeing as how I know there will be said cars, don’t hold your breath.

While I DO believe social service programs are a necessity, I am also intelligent enough to see the rampant fraud and abuse which keeps the truly deserving from getting help. Only a truly blind hypocrite would even attempt to deny the fraud exists.