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Should I Recycle Or Just Throw In The Dumpster?

I wanted to get into recycling, to do my part. I started collecting and now I have 3 nice sized piles of boxes, cans and bottles. I live in an apartment building and just realized that I would not be able to recycle, not to mention the bad kids that would probably dump out the items and steal the box.

I tried calling the DPW to see if I could just drop them off but I had no contact getting with anyone. My apartment is slowly becoming cluttered and is starting to smell of old cans and boxes.

If I could physically drop them off, I would have to make nine 30 minute walking trips to drop these off at the DPW and walk back home. I do not have a car, and I have a small child who would have to tag along.

Should I just throw this collection into the dumpster or what?

Walmart has recycling of plastic bags, bottles, cans, newspaper, tires and auto batteries.

The boxes – maybe Goodwill will take them.

Call Goodwill, maybe they will take all of it.

If that does not work, put them in the dumpster before you have an apartment full of roaches and mice.

There is a limit – green or sick.

AFD units on scene of a dumpster fire