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small dumpster
Why did that crazy lady throw that poor cat?

in a deep cold dumpster for 7 hours till her owners heard her crying.Lucky she did not suffocate a they have very little air.I cannot ever understand how her and others abuse and torture and kill small loving animals who like that cat; trust every living being’ even the evil ones they do not sense are there..P.S. she is lucky i did not see her doing that as i may of threw her in that or a nasty dirty dumpster Where she now belongs.

Actually the incident was rather misreported. What they did not explain is that this is in fact a national sport similar to fox hunting. Orignally popular among stockbrokers and Chancery Court judges the craze took off amongst the Saga generation following the death of presenter Richard Whitely and the loss of interest in the formerly hit TV word game Countdown. Now all local councils in the UK fit their waste disposal trucks with Kitty seperaters and fines are imposed on householders for exceeding the quota of two kitties per wheely bin.

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