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What’s a good way to protect/preserve skate ramps?

I have a couple random sketchy ramps I made with junk from a dumpster, soon i’m going to actually get real wood from home depot, So i’m guessing I will use the ramps frequently and I want to know a good way to keep them ride able.

a sealer and stain work great if you want to keep the wood look, pain talso works great and there is a website out there that sells skatepaint, as it’s called specially used for skate ramps. masonite wood is probably best, it’s not cheap but will last the longest out of all types of other, lots of ramps are made from pine, it’s strong enough for a ramp and is super cheap if you go that route then you’ll need some protection like a sealer and stain. No sealer or stain or paint will interfere with your skating. Presure treated is a good way to go if you plan on keeping it a long time, as is masonite.

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