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the dumpster
How do i tell how old my kitten is he was found in a dumpster?

I’ve never seen the parents to my kitten do to the fact that my kitten was found in a dumpster He eats solids as long as its been softend up & he meows all the time what should i do

Every young kitten needs to go to the vet for worming and basic kitten shots. Your kitten needs to have that appointment right now. The vet will be able to tell his age by his teeth.

If he is crying a lot he may not feel well (because of worms) and may not be getting enough food. Canned meat is better for him than a dry food. Get some cans of Wellness (only chicken or turkey – without fish), The Wellness dry kitten food is excellent for him too.

Power Rangers – Lost Episode – Day of the Dumpster – Part 2

Written by Dumpster Man

August 29th, 2005 at 12:46 pm