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the dumpster
Who do i call if i have a dumpster problem?

The strip of businesses (food) that i share the dumpster with seem to be throwing at the area of the dumpster and not the dumpster itself. do i call the health inspector or the the dumpster company, or someone else… I work in the Katy area (next to Houston) with the 100 degree heat and the hundreds of egg shells on the floor, the smell was just unbearable.

What a disgusting problem!

I would first talk to the business owner(s). They may be willing to help you out. If they refuseI would call the health inspector and possibly the waste management company for that area.

MMPR – 01 – Day of the Dumpster (1/3)

Written by Dumpster Man

August 17th, 2009 at 6:46 pm